“They say it’s going to snow.”


         “Coming in from the west, I think.”

                “Russia is what I heard.”

         “I hate snow.”

         “The little ones love it.”

                “Oh, I know, they just go crazy for it. But what I don’t like is what it goes like round here. You know, when it melts. It’s horrible.”


“That black muck everywhere. It’s just … and all the roads, they’re deadly.”

“I’m always slipping, I’ve got no balance at the best of times.”

       “Where I work, on the hills, it’s worse up there, you know, you get black ice on the roads. You can’t see it.”

“Everywhere’s a skating rink.”

“It’s nice to look at … but after five minutes, nah.”

“I’m like you. I like it if I don’t have to go out in it.”

“It’s just too much hassle. I don’t care how pretty it is.”

“But the little ones love it.”

“They’ll learn.”